Annals of the Japan Association for Comparative Politics

No. 5, June 2003

The European Nation-States in the EU Polity: Transformation of Democracy

Content (All articles are written in Japanese)
  1. Whither Legitimacy?: Europeanization and Politics (OGAWA Ariyoshi)
  2. Germany: Europeanization of the Semisovereign State and Its Policy Consequences (HIRASHIMA Kenji)
  3. Dilemas of Europeanization of Politics in Modern Portugal: Transformation of Govenance and "Duplo Deficit" of Democracy (YOKOTA Masaaki)
  4. Emergence of a subnational polity: British Governance at Local Level (WAKAMATSU Kunihiro)
  5. The European Integration and the Political Reform: A "Long Transition" in Italy (MURAKAMI Shin'ichiro)
  6. Does "Europeanization" Promote " Democratization" in Cental and Eastern Europe?: The Case of Czech Republic (NAKADA-AMIYA Mizuho)
  7. The Party Politics of EU Accession in Slovakia: 1993-2002 (HAYASHI Tadayuki)
  8. The Enlargement of the EU and the Democratiozation of Central and Eastern Europe--Concentrating Hungary and Neiboring Countries-- (HABA Kumiko)

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