Annals of the Japan Association for Comparative Politics

No. 4, June 2002

Religion and Political Parties Today: Comparative Studies on Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism

Content (All articles are written in Japanese)

KOSUGI Yasushi, "Introduction"

I. Religion and Political Thought Today

1. Islamic Challenge, or Revival of Religions?: Reflections on Religion and Political Parties Today (KOSUGI Yasushi)
2. Christian Democracy in West Europe: Its Glories and Decline (MIZUSHIMA Jiro)

II. Democratization and Islamic Parties

3. Religion and Political Parties under an Islamic Regime: Islamic Republic of Iran (MATSUNAGA Yasuyuki)
4. The Rise of Islamism in a Democratization Era: Dakwa Kampus and Justice Party in Indonesia (MIICHI Ken)
5. Religion and Political Parties in Central Asia after the Demise of the Soviet Union: With a Special Reference to the Islamic Revival Party of Tajikistan (YUASA Takeshi)

III. Parliamentary Politics and Religion

6. Bharatiya Janata Party in India and Hindu Nationalism (KONDO Mitsuhiro)
7.Confessional System and Islamic Parties in Contemporary Lebanon: Hizbullah's Struggle and Parliamentary Elections (SUECHIKA Kota)
8. Religion and Political Parties in Israel: On Politics of the "Ultra-Orthodox" Parties (USUKI Akira)

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