Annals of the Japan Association for Comparative Politics

No. 3, June 2001

Conditions for Ethnic Coexistence

Content (All articles are written in Japanese)

I. How to Study Conflicts

1. Demise and Awakenings: Political Origins of Ethnic Conflicts (FUJIWARA Kiichi)
2. Conditions for Democratic Consolidation and Ethnic Coexistence (IWASAKI Masahiro)

II. Before the Conflicts: India and Jordan

3. The Bombay Riots, 1992-93: Politics of Violence (TAKENAKA Chiharu)
4. Ethnic "Coexistence" in Jordan (KITAZAWA Yoshiyuki)

III. During the Conflicts: Aceh, Azerbaijan, and Bosnia

5. Aceh Disputes: The Development of Secessionist Movements in the Post-Suharto Regime (NISHI Yoshimi)
6. A Political Analysis of the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict: The Reasons and Prospects (HIROSE Yoko)
7. Ethnic Coexistence in Bosnia before and after the Civil War (TSUKIMURA Taro)

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