Annals of the Japan Association for Comparative Politics

No. 2, June 2000

The Political Science of Globalization

Content (All articles are written in Japanese)

I. International Organizations, Regional Organizations, and Governments

1. Two Faces of Globalization: Interdependence and Hegemonic Order (FUJIWAR Kiichi)
2. The Role of the IMF in a Globalizing Economy: How Has the Conditionality Been Evolved? (KOJO Yoshiko)
3. Economic Globalization and Japan (KUSANO Atsushi)
4. Global Economy and International Competitiveness (TAKAHASHI Yoshitaka)

II. Comparative Analysis: Europe, Asia and Japan

5. Economic Globalization and the Welfare State Regime: "New Convergence" or "Continuing Divergence"? (MIYAMOTO Taro)
6. Preference Formation of the Department of Finance in South Korea (ONISHI Yutaka)
7. Toward 'Globalization with Europearn Face'?--The Predicament of the German Social Democratic Party-- (AMIYA Ryosuke)
8. Transformation of State Intervention in Japan in the 1970s (UCHIYAMA Yu)

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