Annals of the Japan Association for Comparative Politics

No. 1, June 1999

Administrative Reforms in the World

Content (All articles are written in Japanese)

I. Administrative Reforms in Japan

1. Coalitional Basis of Decentralization Reforms (MURAMATSU Michio)
2. Administrative Reforms for Decentralization in Japan (MORITA Akira)

II.Administrative Reforms in the U.S. and Europe

3. Administrative Reforms in the U.S.A. (DARSICK Matha)
4. Understanding the Evolving U.K. Constitution (MICHAEL James)
5. A View on Russian Reform: Beyond Transition Theory (SHIMOTOMAI Nobuo)
6. Administrative "Modernization" in Spain: Autonomous Sates System and Europeanization (NOGAMI Kazuhiro)

III. Administrative Reforms in Asia

7. Local Government, Democracy and National Integration in India (HIROSE Takako)
8. Local Government System and Decentralization in Korea (KANG Jae-Ho)
9. Administrative Reforms in China (ZHAO Hong-Wei)

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